Whether you’re an old hand at tendering or completely new to the game, my flexible bid writing services will ensure your bid is polished to perfection and ready to submit.

Pre-bid guidance

Not sure where to start? Want to make sure you don’t miss something vital? Pre-bid guidance identifies everything we’ll both need to know – and do – before your bid is submitted.

Full write

If you’re new to tendering and are unsure of the process, you may benefit from a ‘full write’ service, reducing your stress levels and putting your bid in safe hands.


If you want to prepare some parts of your tender yourself but would prefer to leave some of the time consuming or complex bits to someone else, a ‘partial write’ service could provide just the amount of support you need.

Check & Edit

If you know what you need to say but aren’t confident in your writing, a check and edit will transform your specialist knowledge into persuasive content that answers every aspect of the tender’s questions.

Review & polish

If you’re used to tendering and have the resources in-house to write and manage your bids, a quick ‘review & polish’ might be all you need before your tender is submitted.

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There’s more to tenders than simply filling out a form. Whether you’re working on a bid right now, or just want to be ready for the next one, my tender-ready services will ensure you have all the information you need.

Evaluation & Guidance

Feedback on your previous bids will identify areas for improvement and, with guidance for your next bid, will help you improve your scores and chances of success.

Policy & Procedure Documents

From Health and Safety to Information Security, most tenders ask for copies of policies to be included with your submission. A set of up to date policies, that reflect the way your business works, will provide vital evidence to support your bid.

Bid Response Library

Having a set of standard or easily customisable answers to the most common questions you find in your tenders is a great way to save time and keep a consistent theme, bid after bid.

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As well as bid writing and tender-ready services, I also offer:


Which tenders are right for your business? What does your business need to do to be fully capable of fulfilling those contracts? My consultancy service will help you develop strategies to find the right tenders for your business and learn what your business needs to do to fulfill the contracts you win.


Comprised of three distinct stages, my method is unique to the bid writing industry and goes far beyond writing skills – by clearly identifying the specific issues your company faces when tendering, each bespoke programme is developed to provide the skills and support you and your staff really need to drastically improve your success.

Day Training

Practical training that covers the areas of bid writing and management that will really make a difference to your business. Typical subjects might include (but are not limited to):

  • Understanding the tender process
  • Practical writing skills
  • Bid management and planning
  • Developing policies and process documents

If you are an existing training provider and would like to hire me in to deliver day training on your behalf, please do get in touch.

Speaking & presenting

Where training and coaching offers practical, hands on learning, speaking and presenting can be a ‘quick hit’, increasing understanding of a particular subject and/or offering easy-takeaway tips and techniques. Events that might benefit from hiring me to speak include:

  • Individual company ‘away days’
  • Sector-specific business breakfasts/lunches
  • Small business/SME networking events

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