Privacy and Data Protection Statement

Privacy and Data Protection Statement

Lyndsey Michaels – Bid Writing Services and UK Bid Writer are trading names of Lyndsey Wray, Sole Trader (henceforth referred to as ‘the organisation’), registered with the Information Commissioners Office: Reg Ref. ZA348392.

Formal notification of the types of personal data registered as likely to be collected by the organisation can be found here.

The personal data currently collected by this organisation generally includes:

  • IP addresses
  • Contact names
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers

The organisation may collect other forms of data in the future.

Data collection

Data collected for the purposes of conducting business with clients and potential clients

The data listed above is used by the organisation to respond to initial client enquiries, correspond with engaged clients and may from time to time be used to provide further information on services, offers and other updates.

This information may be shared with:

  • Employees of and/or other suppliers hired by the organisation

Data collected for the purpose of providing the business services

The data listed above (excluding IP address) may also be used within documents created by the organisation at the request of the client as part of the services the organisation offers, for example, to complete tender submissions on the clients’ behalf.

In addition, personal data about the clients’ management, employees and own customers/service users may also be collected for the purpose of completing tender submissions, for example:

  • Individual employee CVs, biographies and employment history
  • Individual customer/service user case studies

Sensitive personal data may be collected where it has a relevant purpose within the context of providing the business services, e.g. as part of an answer when responding to a tender.

This information may be shared with:

  • Contracting authorities to which tender response documentation is to be submitted
  • Third parties involved in the submission of the tender response, e.g. the client’s suppliers and/or partners in a consortium etc.
  • Third parties involved in the creation of the tender response documentation, e.g. employees of and/or other suppliers hired by the organisation.

Data collected for the purposes of managing the business of the organisation

Employees general personal data and, where relevant, some sensitive personal data may be collected for necessary HR records.

The personal data of suppliers to the organisation, including that of freelancers, sole traders and other individuals the organisation may engage to fulfil its business obligations may be collected.

This information may be shared with:

  • Other employees of the organisation, suppliers to the organisation and relevant authorities, e.g. the organisation’s accountants, HMRC etc.

Please note, the examples above are not exhaustive.

Your rights

Right to access

Under GDPR, an individual has the right to find out from a data controller if their personal data is being processed, where this is happening and why. Controllers must provide a copy of that data free of charge when requested.

Right to erasure

Also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’, individuals can ask the data controller to:

  • delete their personal data
  • stop its dissemination
  • stop third parties processing it

Contacting the organisation

If you would like to request a copy of the data the organisation holds about you, would like to exercise your right to be forgotten, or would like any further detail on the organisation’s GDPR compliance, please contact Lyndsey Wray:


Phone: 07813 606033