Experience Essential?

When I’m asked what exactly it is I do for a living, one of the best ways I’ve found to describe bids and tenders is ‘a bit like writing a job application but for a whole company’. It’s not entirely accurate; there are obviously many differences, but it’s similar enough to get my point across.

I’d like to address one of those similarities today, because understanding it is crucial to success in tendering and because it’s something that I frequently find myself explaining to new or potential clients.

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Review of free e-course ‘Winning the Contract’ (LearnDirect course)

Many of my clients despair of the tendering process, particularly the seemingly endless hoops to be jumped through when tendering for public sector contracts.
While researching what other resources are available ‘out there’ for my upcoming book (available in autumn 2012), I stumbled across a free e-course ‘Winning the Contract’ from LearnDirect.
Before I recommend anything, I like to make sure it does what it says on the tin, so here is my review and a few comments:

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