Introducing ‘inside Outcomes’ – help for service providers in the health/community/social care sector

Just a quick ‘signal boost’ for a new company: ‘inside Outcomes’ – if you provide health and/or social care services or services related to improving community health and cohesion, inside Outcomes can:

  • Help gather data and information on the work you are doing
  • Provide tools to analyse the impact you are having
  • Work with your WHOLE organisation to embed new systems
  • Provide training to frontline staff
  • Measure what you are doing against national outcomes
  • Help you PROVE your IMPACT and EVIDENCE your work
  • Find your ADDED VALUE

All of which will be exceptionally useful when you respond to tenders.

Full disclosure: Vicki Fitzgerald, who has set up this company, is a good friend of mine.

She has 8 years as Chief Executive of Gateway Family Services and over 20 years’ experience in the Public and Third sectors under her belt and is uniquely placed to understand the needs and priorities of both the commissioners of services and the organisations that deliver them.

Vicki gives more detail on her reasons for starting the company and what she’ll be focusing on here.

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